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About Twenty39

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Our Values

We aim to improve decision and operations outcomes through data-informed solutions.

Our Capability

Leverage Our Expertise And Experience

We are a small company, founded on decades of experience. Leverage our experienced analysts, technologists and consultants to augment your workforce and provide purpose built solutions that inform decision making, optimize operations, and improve targeted outcomes.

We hire diverse, skilled people who share our values, are motivated, take the initiative to make things better, and develop effective solutions for our clients’ problems.

We also collaborate and partner with companies that share our values and have complementary capabilities to bolster offerings for our clients.

Our Partners

Our Partners

Why choose

Why Choose Twenty39?

The transition of the future of work is happening now. In 2020, the U.S. independent workforce consisted of 38.2 million people spanning all ages, skills, and income levels.

This pursuit of independence will grow in the coming years and organizations are adjusting how they acquire talent beyond traditional recruiting practices. 

The transitioning workforce is decentralizing access to highly skilled independent professionals, and Twenty39’s unique talent ecosystem enables access to this growing talent base with the benefit of small business agility.

Twenty39’s lean business structure brings practical innovation, highly skilled business and technology expertise, and data-informed solutions to public government organizations and private businesses.

Achievements & Certifications

We are a veteran and woman-owned small business.