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Hire us to understand your target market, implement our proven sales framework and processes for efficient capture and proposals, and guide you to become a successful GovCon.

60+ years of combined GovCon experience


Complicated Processes Are Sinking Small Businesses in GovCon

To grow in GovCon, you need simple, clear, and comprehensive processes to ensure your business consistently and effectively identifies appropriate opportunities and is ready to respond when they are presented.

But many GovCon small businesses don’t have repeatable processes. They have no strategic system for finding the right opportunities for their capabilities and unique qualifiers, creating a quality proposal, and increasing their chance of winning contracts.

This means they:

  • Are not ready and can’t respond in time to proposals
  • Are late in finding or don’t find the right opportunities for their specific business
  • Don’t have relationships with the right people, business partners, and government agencies
  • Waste time and money on each proposal they submit and very event they attend that yield no return
  • Team with the wrong partners
    End up going out of business

This is why the number of small businesses in GovCon is shrinking.

Randomly pursuing opportunities in GovCon doesn’t work. You need a strategic, comprehensive approach that keeps your business lightweight and focused so you can move fast and win more contracts. Twenty39 will help create, implement, and execute the processes you need to win.


We have extensive experience

Our experienced business strategists, technologists, analysts, and consultants have extensive experience, and will help you navigate your unique government contracting and business challenges with proven solutions to provide positive financial and operational impact for your business.

As a growth partner, we provide guidance and support to forward thinking organizations and specialize in small to mid-size business growth.

Other clients include start-ups, large to global private corporations, and public organizations.

Our experienced professionals are the support you need to grow your business without the long term commitment to hiring.

We know how to apply smart, effective, and cost-appropriate technologies; and leveage best practices of appropriate business and management frameworks for the benefit of your company and to align your strategic goals with operations to effectively achieve targeted outcomes.

Adapting for the Future

Streamline Your Operations to Improve Growth Performance

Businesses are consistently adjusting to address expanding complexities and oversight in winning and performing on federal contracts. As you seek to optimize operational performance and profitable growth, it’s critical to have reliable, consultative advisors who understands your industry, can jump in and quickly provide value and customized, cost effective solutions.

Our team of seasoned and experienced consultants and advisors are comprised of former government, military, and contractors who served as skilled project managers (PM’s), analysts, IT specialists, contract managers, government procurement staff, Executives and advisors. We focus on helping you minimize operational and compliance risks to maximize performance and contract profitability, so you can focus on managing your client relationships and growth.

Whether you’re a large commercial company or small business looking to enter or grow within government contracting Twenty39 can help you define and streamline your end-to-end business development operations and make the most of emerging opportunities.


Turn Your Business Into A Contract Winning Machine

Whether you’re brand new to GovCon, or you have a few contracts under your belt, we’ll help you skip years of frustration and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

With our GovCon Sales Accelerator package, your business will get a top-to-bottom renovation of its sales framework and process. You’ll have the right processes, the right documents, and the right information every time, in a fraction of the time.

We’ll help you


Simplifying Government Contracting

We know how complicated and overwhelming government contracting is. That’s why we’ve worked hard to simplify and streamline the process for you so you can implement what we’ve learned right away.

There are only 3 steps…

Meet With Our Team

During our Strategy Session, we’ll investigate the inner workings of your business and clarify your business goals.

Implement Our Process Package

Our team will implement our proven processes and templates into your business, customized to your needs.

Win More Contracts & Grow

With this simple, proven system in place, you can find and submit proposals with confidence.


Your GovCon Solution in a Box

When you buy our core service, the GovCon Sales Accelerator Package you’ll build a foundation that will help you launch, grow, and scale your GovCon business to 7 figures and beyond

What’s included:

  • GovCon Alignment Strategy Session to determine where you best fit in the market
  • Proposal Starter Kit with Branded Templates to ensure you are compliant, high quality, and look professional
  • 1-year custom configured Market Intelligence Platform subscription to stay in the know about your market and opportunities
  • GovCon Business Development Advisory Support from Experience so you have a solid plan for growth and someone to call when you need backup
  • Action Plan with Market Intelligence Report to focus your energy and find the best fit opportunities

Lead Magnet

Download the Pursuing GovCon Checklist

Streamline your operations with our Pursuing GovCon Checklist. Inside you’ll find the 3 essential processes you need to implement to find best-fit opportunities for your business, effectively manage your pipeline, and build relationships to win more contracts.


Got Questions?

You get 60+ years of GovCon experience showing up at your door to help you grow. We’ll meet with you and your team and implement our proven, simple, and streamlined processes. You’ll find contracts that fit your agency better and submit proposals that impress and showcase your quality.

Pricing scales based on the size and complexity of your business, which we’ll determine during your initial assessment.

We actively work in GovCon and have been for decades. We’ve refined our systems and business processes to make finding, submitting proposals for, and winning contracts as simple and easy as possible.

While Twenty39 will give you the tools and process to create better proposals, we do not create them or submit them for you. If you need help with this, we know several capable people who can help you. Contact us at [email protected] for a referral.

To help your business start on the best path and take advantage of growth opportunities, Twenty39 engages a collaborative approach to digital business initiatives and solving technology problem.

Whether it’s learning how to navigate and prepare for government contracting, evaluating the best technology stack to leverage for business operations, automating processes to improve data capture and operations efficiencies, researching a new client market, or assessing your business and technology posture for compliance and growth you will receive data informed guidance and fit for purpose support to resolve the problems your company faces.

We offer conveniently pre-curated service packages and a catalogue of professional services. Our enriching service offerings include:

Back Office Support

Business Development (BD) Solutions

Data Analysis & Analytics as a Service

Bringing Simplicity and Skill to Complex Problems

Bringing Simplicity and Skill to Complex Problems

Twenty39 combines human insight, skill, and experience so that you can sleep peacefully knowing your project is in the right hands. We are humbled by the trust placed in us by our clients. It is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We’d be honored to serve and partner with you.